Robert Abela Is Out Of Ideas

Robert Abela is clearly out of ideas. 

Despite being the one to call the election, 10 days have passed and he still hasn’t published his electoral manifesto.

On the other hand, the Nationalist Party immediately published its long-term vision for Malta – a holistic plan of what the country needs for the next decade. 

Robert Abela’s announcements in this election campaign have so far either been recycled ideas or late solutions to problems of his own making.

First we had the announcement that Zonqor will no longer be given to Sadeen to develop virgin land. 

Then we were told Marsascala marina would be scrapped, after months of protests by civil society. 

This followed other pre-electoral U-turns, such as the decision to finally start paying for IVF medication (after government first denied it when PN said patients were being charged for medication).

But what’s worse than these U-turns and ‘solutions’ are the copied proposals released by Labour so far in its campaign. 

First there was the pledge to create a green lung in every locality – something PN already proposed last September. 

Then there was the rushed pledge to increase Children’s Allowance by €90, when PN had already committed to increasing them between €150 and €1,500, depending on their means.

Robert Abela also copied the assistance PN offered to children who take part in extracurricular activities and the extension of free childcare. 

The bottom line is that Robert Abela has no vision for the country.

He is just living his father’s dream after signing a pact with Joseph Muscat to become his appointed successor. 

Vote him out.