Robert Abela And His Sweet €17,000 Monthly Retainer From Your Taxes

The Planning Authority has rejected official requests from the media for a list of payments disbursed to Robert Abela for the provision of legal services over the past 10 years.

Even questions asked in Parliament were refused to be answered by Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia. 

There’s a simple reason why they’re so shy to say exactly how much Abela was making off the taxpayer before he became Prime Minister. Simply put, the contract they refuse to publish is scandalous and fraudulent.  

A Parliamentary question answered in 2013, just after Labour took power, stated that Abela’s firm enjoyed a direct order of a €2,979 monthly retainer from the Planning Authority and a fixed rate of €54.99 per hour for additional work.

Simple mathematics shows that in order to turn the €2,979 to €17,000, one would need to work 256 hours of additional work. 

When Robert Abela was asked how the €2,979 catapulted to €17,000, he argued that he was so busy that he had to work over the weekends too.

256 extra monthly hours translate to 64 extra hours per week. 64 extra hours per week translate to nine extra hours every single day, given that he claims to have worked from Monday to Sunday.

In the meantime, he worked as a Member of Parliament, enjoyed other generous direct orders from his own Government (which took his government income to at least €28,000 per month), acted as advisor to disgraced ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, represented criminals in court, flipped several properties, got into business with alleged criminals, and enjoyed long boat trips to Sicily.

Yeah, right.

Robert Abela thinks you are a fool. 

Vote him out.